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Gives Back

Utopia Gives Back

Because our Youth and Culture Matter

Utopia Dance Company understands the value and impact that dance, the arts, and culture can have on people.  Our mission is to offer the youth in the City of Lawrence, the Merrimack Valley, and surrounding neighborhoods an opportunity to learn the skills, technique, history, and values of dance with a unique focus on preserving the Latino culture and history through its folkloric dances and musical rhythms. We strive to give all youth a safe and supportive space to learn, grow, and become leaders on and off the dance floor, without the worry of financial and societal barriers.

Our Story

Growing up as youth, Louis and Elvis have always noticed the inaccessibility for youth dance programs representative of their Latino culture. As youth, access to classes, costumes, and opportunities were scarce, but now as Adults, it sparked a passion and mission to create change and accessibility for future generations beyond. In 2019, Elvis and Louis began their mission of connecting the youth of Lawrence, MA and all surrounding cities of the Merrimack Valley to a world of dance representative of the Latino culture accessible to all. Here at Utopia, we believe every youth deserves the chance to learn the history and culture representative of their ethnic backgrounds to develop lifelong leadership skills and establish a sense of confidence that will transpire on and off stage! At Utopia, all youth learn a variety of dances including but not limited to Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Bomba, Plena, Palo, Ballet, Hip Hop, and more. Through our curriculum, all youth at Utopia receive a unique opportunity of exploring various dance styles in a safe and fun setting; receiving a lifelong opportunity of enrichment while preserving the Latino culture and extending opportunities in the arts to the youth!

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